De support van G2 Esports, Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle, zal misschien de Mid-Season Invitational missen door zijn blessure aan de rechterpols. In een Instagram post schreef hij namelijk dat hij ‘zeer beperkt is door de blessure’. Mocht hij MSI echt missen, wordt hij waarschijnlijk weer vervangen door Hampus “promisq” Mikael Abrahamsson, die hem al eens verving tijdens de groepsfase van de LEC Spring Split.

In zijn post legt Mihael ook uit hoe graag hij tegen de teams uit andere regio’s wil spelen, maar dat hij ook niet zeker is in welke mate dat mogelijk zal zijn door de blessure. Verder liet hij ook weten dat ‘het genezen en herstellen van de blessure prioriteit is, maar dat hij desalniettemin zijn best zal doen’.

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Last weekend we played the LEC finals in Rotterdam, which honestly was a really nice experience. Some family members also came to watch me in person which felt great, although I was a little scared since last time they saw me was in Madrid and we all know how that went. After 3 years of hard work, practice and failure I finally got to lift a trophy. I’m so happy and so grateful to my team to help me with that achievement (and also with the actual lifting cause that thing was heavy). The fact that we finished the series with the fastest game time in EU history was honestly the cherry on top. Right after the final nexus blew up, came some of the happiest moments of my life. Cheering with my team, hugging my family and high fiving fans was amazing This was followed by a rather intense feeling, hard to put into words. A mix between sadness and realization of how long the grind had been ever since that first finals with splyce in 2016 when I thought it could only get better from there, how all the practicing eventually led to the very injury that could have potentially ruined it all. Should I have taken breaks? Or was the lack of breaks what put me on this stage today? Thinking of that kinda made me tear up and I kept telling myself not to cry. I was just trying to hold it together during the post game interview, not sure if I succeeded. In the end, after all that, when the dopamine rush of lifting a trophy left me, I felt exhausted, way less hyped than I would expect after winning a final. But maybe it’s due to the fact that the series wasn’t as “ close “. I’ve always really wanted to play MSI and play all other top teams from the other regions, but right now I'm not so sure if that is gonna be possible given that I’m still very much restricted due to the injury. The healing and recovery takes priority, but I’m gonna give it my all nonetheless. Maybe next time it won't take me a trophy to make another post, cya at MSI! . . 📷:@lolesports . . #lec #videogames #g2esports #win #lolesports #rotterdam

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