De nieuwe update voor CS:GO brengt unranked matchmaking voor ‘scrimmage maps’ met zich mee (Ruby, Seaside en Breach). De maps zitten niet in de competitieve map pool maar kunnen wel gespeeld worden in matchmaking. Vanaf nu zijn er geen restrictions voor de spelers in je party en hebben de resultaten van de match geen invloed op rank, waardoor een unranked matchmaking mode ontstaat.

Vertigo kreeg dan weer een hoop kleine fixes voor de kiezen. Zo werd er onder andere een ladder toegevoegd aan mid, werd de liftschacht verwijderd en werden er nieuwe plaatsen toegevoegd waar utility kan gebruikt worden.

– Added Breach and Seaside to Defusal Group Sigma.
– Removed Workout from official matchmaking.
– Added “Scrimmage Maps” to official competitive matchmaking. Scrimmage maps include: Ruby, Breach, Seaside.
— When playing Scrimmage Maps in official competitive matchmaking: there are no restrictions on players in your party, your Skill Groups will not be adjusted after the match, your Competitive Wins counter will not be incremented upon winning the match. Abandoning the match after you ‘ACCEPT’ will result in a penalty.

– Game server logs on Linux are now using a separate thread to write the data to filesystem which improves performance of the game server main thread.

– Fixed a regression which prevented cycling grenades with TAG grenade.
– Fixed a rare crash related to bump mines and breach charges.
– Mute spinner on in-game players can now be dragged all the way down to zero.

– Fixed an unintended boost position on Overpass.

– New approach to B site
– Removed “rafters” around B site entrance
– Offset HVAC units on B site, numbered them
– Added a way to throw utility into B site without being exposed
– Removed one-way drop down elevator shaft
– Added ladder-room near elevator shaft, connects up to mid chokepoint, allows utility towards A
– Moved bridge over elevator shaft
– Moved T spawns further back
– Widened utility hole in T corridor to mid
– Made jump up on scaffolding at back of A easier
– Widened door at back of A
– Various minor bug fixes